Welcome to steam town, Kannawa!
You can try steaming food in a Jigokugama
at Mushidekiya in Satonoeki Kannawa.
We have many kinds of souvenirs.
Please stop by for some good memories of your trip to Beppu.

Kannawa is famous for its Jigokumushi cuisine, which is seasonal food steamed over a hot spring.
Only in Kannawa can you enjoy this.

Delicious, happy, healthy “hell-steaming”

Try jigoku-mushi (literally “hell-steaming”), a kind of cooking that utilizes the natural steam from hot springs. Put your choice of ingredients into a specially provided “hell pot” and cook them at a high temperature. Nothing beats this delicious, piping hot food.

A product of traditional hot spring culture, "hell-steaming"

Kannawa draws hoards of hot spring enthusiasts each year, and the culture surrounding the region’s healing hot springs lives on to this day The healing hot springs have always attracted long term visitors, and jigoku-mushi cooking using the plentiful hot steam emitted from the springs has been used since ancient times not only by locals, but also these temporary guests.

Eco-friendly and healthy cooking

A variety of ingredients can be cooked with jigoku-mushi, from seafood and vegetables to eggs, meat, and sweets such as manju. Because this method of cooking does not require added oil, and the food is cooked by natural steam alone, it is considered eco-friendly and healthy.

Enjoy your meal as you watch the rising steam.

The steamed food is served on the spot.
We’re open from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (midnight on days before weekend days and holidays).Treat yourself to piping hot jigoku-mushi cuisine as you enjoy the view.

Various ingredients are available, so you can be sure there will be something to suit your taste.

Our jigoku-mushi ingredients include seafood and meat sets, as well as individual items such as pork buns, sliced fish, and sausages. (Menu is subject to some seasonal variation.)
We also have a range of gelato ice creams for dessert.

Local specialties
Oita specialties

Oita specialties "Harvest of the mountains and the sea"

The landscape of Oita is rich in variation, with Kunisaki Peninsula, Beppu Bay, the southern ria coast, the highlands of Taketa, Ju, and Kokonoe, the valleys of Usa and the Ono River, and the plains and basins that converge on the rivers of Kusu and Hita.
From this rich environment come a range of local specialties representative of the region, the pride of Oita.

You won’t taste anything like this elsewhere "Local sake and shochu"

We have a variety of Japanese sake, made with pure, clear water. Oita’s richly varied environment has given rise to a range of unique breweries that produce excellent local sake and shochu.